W. Austin Davis, MD

Why did you choose UPMC residency program?
I see PM&R as a multidisciplinary field with the great combination of friendly people who are passionate about their work, a culture that takes ownership for patient care with a practical focus on functional status, and an abundance of interesting clinical and research opportunities. I like the people and the work feels important.
I was fortunate to match at UPMC for residency where I am looking forward to the opportunity to train in a friendly, rigorous environment with excellent opportunities for clinical and research mentorship

Career Interests
Clinical: neurorehabilitation

Research: access to care, value of rehabilitation

Internship: UPMC, Pittsburgh

Medical School: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago

Undergraduate: University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Personal Interests
running, swimming, exercising in general
freediving, backpacking, hunting/fishing, everything outdoors
spending time with my daughter and wife