Pittsburgh PM&R Alumni

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Class of 2016

l to r: Brady Wahlberg, DO, David Itskevich, DO, Michael Kryger, MD, Shanti Pinto, MD, Shaun Darrah, MD, Mary Matsumoto, MD,
Gerald Nora, MD, Corey Hickey, DO

Shaun Darrah, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of PMR, University of Pittsburgh Medical Director, PM&R at UPMC Passavant, Pittsburgh, PA

Corey Hickey, DO
Medical Director, Trauma Rehabilitation at UPMC Hamot Rehabilitation Program Director, Healthsouth Erie, Erie, PA

David Itskevich, DO
Pain Medicine Fellowship, UPMC Dept. of Anesthesia, Pittsburgh, PA

Michael Kryger, MD
Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship, UPMC Dept. of PM&R Pittsburgh, PA

Mary Matsumoto, MD
Amputation Rehabilitation Fellowship, VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, WA

Gerald Nora, MD
Attending Physician, Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute of Columbia St. Mary's, Milwaukee, WI

Shanti Pinto, MD
Brain Injury Medicine Fellowship, UPMC Dept. of PM&R, Pittsburgh, PA

Brady Wahlberg, DO
Sports & Spine Fellowship, OSS health, York, PA

Herbie Yung, MD
Pain Medicine Fellowship, UCLA-WLA VA, Los Angeles, CA

Class of 2015

l. to r: M.B. Miller-Phillips, T. Gude, V. Brooke, M. Buzanowska, P. Jayabalan,
Y. Dvorkin-Wininger, J. Zeibarth, S. Hagerty, A. Jordan
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Valerie Brooke, MD
Private Practice: Inpatient Rehab Unit Director, Yakima Regional Medical & Cardiac Center, Yakima, WA

Neilly Buckalew, MD
Private Practice: Researcher and Physiatrist, Post Falls, ID

Marzena Buzanowska, MD
Fellowship: Spine and Sports Musculoskeletal Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Yevgeny Dvorkin-Winigner, MD
Fellowship: Cancer Rehab, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Tulasi Gude, MD
Private Practice: Physician, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Sarah Hagerty, DO
Fellowship: Sports and Spine, OSS Health, York, PA

Prakash Jayabalan, MD, PhD
Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Adrienne Jordan, DO
Private Practice: Physician, Wellstar Health System, Marietta, GA

Mary Beth Miller Phillips, MD
Fellowship: Brain Injury Medicine, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA

Jessica Zeibarth, DO
Private Practice: General Physiatrist, Twin Falls, ID

Class of 2014

l to r: J. Berthold, T. Burnett, J. Crownover, R. Donlan, J. Berry, P. Bornhorst, N. Miljkovic,
B. Stepanczuk, E. Murdock, L. Huynh
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Jessica Berry, MD
Fellowship: Spinal Cord Injury Medicine, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA

Justin Berthold, DO
Private Practice: Rehabilitation Physicians of Pittsburgh, Forest Hills, PA

Patricia Bornhorst, DO
Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Geisinger Med. Orthopedics, Danville, PA

Thomas Burnett, MD
Private Practice: Legacy Medical Center, McMurray, PA

James Crownover, MD
Fellowship: Sports Medicine, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Robert Donlan, DO
Fellowship: Sports Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Lisa Huynh, MD
Fellowship: Interventional Spine, Stanford University, Redwood City, CA

Natasa Miljkovic, MD
Academic Practice: Dept. PM&R, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Erin Murdock, MD
Fellowship: Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA

Beth Stepanczuk, MD
Academic Practice: Dept. of PM&R, University of Pittsburgh, Pgh, PA

Nicholas Weber, DO
Fellowship: Sports Medicine, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD