How to Apply

Application Deadline
Materials required for ALL Applicants
International Medical Graduate Applicants
Categorical and Advanced Programs
Additional information for Advanced Program Applicants

Application Deadline
We accept applications and supporting documents via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) only. The application deadline for our program is November 30.

Materials Required for All Applicants
The materials listed below are required to process your application. All of these materials must be submitted electronically before you are invited for an interview.

Common ERAS application form.
Medical school transcript.
USMLE/COMLEX Step 1 scores (and Step 2 scores when available).
A minimum of 3 letters of recommendation from full-time faculty
preferably one letter from PM&R faculty.
Dean's letter of recommendation. to top of page

Additional Information for International Medical Graduates
Applicants who are international medical graduates must have graduated from a medical school that is certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). They must have graduated from medical school within the past 5 years, and they must have a complete ERAS file that includes all of the information listed above. Traditionally, international applicants who have been the most successful in gaining admission are those who have two-digit scores over 95 in the USMLE and also have prior clinical training in the United States. International applicants with these exceptional qualifications account for one to three interns per year. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Medical Education Program sponsors the J-1 visa for applicants who are accepted. to top of page

Information About Categorical and Advanced programs
We are holding interviews for the advanced and categorical programs together. If you applied to both programs, you only need to come to one interview. You will still have the opportunity to rank one or both of the programs within the NRMP Match. The main difference will be the year you wish to enter the program PGY-1 (categorical) and PGY-2 (advanced) PM&R. In order to rank both programs through the Match, you must have an application to both programs through ERAS.

NRMP codes for UPMC PM&R Programs:


ADVANCED: 1652340A0
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Additional Advanced Program Information
UPMC offers several options for PGY-1 year.

UPMC Transitional year PM&R track NRMP#1652999P3 – the first 2 applicants who match into the UPMC PM&R Advanced program and select this track for their preliminary year choice will match into the UPMC Transitional year program

UPMC Presbyterian Preliminary Year -Pauline Zorosak,;
NRMP#: 1652140P0

UPMC Presbyterian Transitional Year -Pauline Zorosak,; to top of page
NRMP#: 1652999P0