Natasa Miljkovic, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Medical Director, Rehab Services-Transitional Care Units

Natasa Miljkovic, MD, PhD is an assistant professor and medical director of rehabilitation services in translational care at several UPMC locations. She received her medical and post doctorate degrees from the University of Novi Sad in the Serbian province of Vojvodina. She remained at the university as an assistant professor in orthopaedic surgery and attending physician for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology.

Dr. Miljkovic immigrated to the U.S. in 2007 and entered a regenerative medicine post doctoral program at the University of Pittsburgh after which she completed UPMC PM&R residency program. In 2014 Dr. Miljkovic accepted the position of medical director of acute care rehabilitation and attending physician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Specialized Areas of Interest
Rehabilitation in post-acute care, general rehabilitation, fall prevention, and stroke


Board Certifications
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Education & Training
MD, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, 1991
MS, Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Novi Sad, 1996
Residency, Orthopaedic Surgery, Institute of Surgery, University of Novi Sad, 1996
PhD, Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Novi Sad, 2003
Research Fellow, Regenerative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, 2010
PM&R Residency, UPMC, 2014

Professional Organization Membership
American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Association of Academic Physiatrists
Tennessee Falls Prevention Coalition

Selected Publications
Miljkovic N., Lim J, Miljkovic I, Frontera WR. Aging of skeletal muscle fibers. AnnRehabil Med. 2015 Apr; 39(2):155-62

Phillips MM, Miljkovic N, Ramos-Lamboy M, Moosy JJ, Horton J, Buhari AM, Munin MC: Clinical Experience with continuous Intrathecal Baclofen trials prior to pump implantation. PMR. 2015 Oct; 7(10):1052-8

Cherubino M, Rubin JP, Miljkovic N, Kelmendi-Doko A, Marra KG. Adipose-derived stem cells for wound healing applications. AnnPlastSurg. 2011 Feb; 66(2):210-5

Miljkovic ND, Cooper GM, Hott SL, Disalle BF, Gawalt ES, Smith DM, McGowan K, Marra KG. Calcium aluminate, RGD-modified calcium aluminate, and beta-tricalcium phosphate implants in a calvarial defect. J Craniofac Surg. 2009 Sep;20(5):1538-43

Miljkovic ND, Lin YC, Cherubino M, Minteer D, Marra KG. A novel injectable hydrogel in combination with a surgical sealant in a rat knee ostechondral defect model. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2009 Nov; 17(11):1326-31

Miljkovic ND, Coper GM, Marra KG. Chondrogenesis, bone morphogenetic protein-4 and mesenchymal stem cells. Osteoarthritis Cartilage 2008 Oct; 16(10):1121-30.