Brain Injury Medicine Faculty

Amy Wagner, MD
Associate Professor
Vice Chair, Faculty Academic Development
Director, Brain Injury Medicine Fellowship

Dr. Wagner, a leading investigator in the field of personalized medicine, has coined the term “rehabilomics” to define this new area of study. Rehabilomics research measures and evaluates biomarkers to better understand rehabilitation-relevant mechanisms of injury, secondary complications and disease and how they impact function, prognosis and recovery for people with disabilities, particularly as a result of TBI. She is the principal investigator of NeuroRehabilitation, Educations and Rehabilomics Research,the University of Pittsburgh TBI model center.


Gary Galang, MD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Galang is specialty trained in both brain injury medicine and spinal cord injury medicine completing corresponding fellowships at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.


Hillel Rubinsky, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Rubinsky is trained in both neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology and specializes in the effects of brain injury on behavior and cognition. He helped develop the Cognitive Flow Sheet, an assessment tool that summarizes cognitive, language, and perceptual test results for the cognitive rehab team.


Maria Twichell, MD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Twichell is the medical director of the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at UPMC Mercy. Her focus is traumatic brain injury and the secondary complications accompanying it.


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