Michael Kryger, MD
Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellow

Research Projects
Proprioception in Brain Computer Interfaces. Mentor Michael Boninger

Effect of Proprioception on the use of a brain-computer interface. Mentors: Dr. Michael Boninger, Dr. Jennifer Collinger, and Dr. Robert Gaunt.

Scholarly Activity
Publications: Collaborative Approach in the Development of High-Performance Brain–Computer Interfaces for a Neuroprosthetic Arm: Translation from Animal Models to Human Control. Collinger, Kryger et al. Clin Transl Sci. 2014 Feb;7(1):52-9.
Presentations: “The Evolution of Brain-Computer Interfaces.” UDSMR Rehabilitation Physician Conference, Buffalo, NY, 2015

Inclusion of Proprioceptive Feedback to Enhance the Accuracy of a Brain-Computer Interface. Kryger M, Gaunt R, Collinger J, Weber D, Boninger M. AAP Annual Meeting, 2014

Posters:.Two-Dimensional Testing of a Brain-Control Interface using Exoskeleton-Actuated Proprioceptive Feedback.Kryger M, Gaunt R, Collinger J, Weber D, Boninger M. AAP Annual Meeting, 2015

Case Report: Steroid-Responsive Encephalopathy associated with Autoimmune Thyroiditis: A Treatable Cause of Central Vertigo. Kryger M, Stepanczuk B, Lanphere J. AAP Annual Meeting, 2014

Excellence in Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Award, UPMC Residence, 2016
Best PMR Resident Poster, Dept. of PM&R Rehab Institute Research Day, 2016

Why did you choose UPMC residency program?
This program seemed to check all the right boxes- a potential 4-year program integrated into a hospital with a decent number of residents (all very friendly!), a great city with a great standard of living, excellent research opportunities, a focus on advancing EMR, and lots of diverse opportunities within PM&R. What’s not to like?

Career Interests
Clinical: Spinal cord injury

Research: Technology in SCI, Brain-computer interfaces

Residency: UPMC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 2016

Medical School: Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL

Northwestern University, McCormick School of Engineering, Evanston, IL

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Personal Interests
Technology/software development
Running and kickboxing