Rehab Progress Newsletter highlights rehabilitation research and new clinical approaches from the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and the Rehabilitation Institute. The newsletter is mailed to over 4500 PM&R clinicians and researchers across the country.

Fall 2018: Mercy Vision and Rehab Hospital, Pediatric Updates, Ultrasound Conference, New Faculty

Fall 2017: Low Back Pain, HERL, SHRS Rankings, STAT Madness

Fall 2016: Gwen Sowa, MD, PhD, New Department Chair, New Clinic Activities, Department Research
Spring 2016: Professional Athletes Return to Play. Independence after Stroke

Fall 2015: Stem Cell Transplant Research for SCI. Advanced Upper Limb Prosthetic Research. Regenerative Medicine Update.

Fall 2014: Talking Sports Medicine, Celebrating 15 years as a PMR Department, Future of Biomarkers

Spring 2014: Research in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

FALL 2013: AAP Highlights, New Electrodiagnostic Lab, Wheelchair Breakdowns, Gil Brenes, MD, in memorium
WINTER 2013: Parkinson’s disease and exercise; SCI Research Outreach; Mohamed Al-Rabti-The Rebel Rower

SUMMER 2012: Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Thoughts translated to movement; Regen Symposium

FALL 2011: New cognitive treatment after stroke; Biologics in rehabilitation research and care
SUMMER 2011: Computer interface research for people with SCI; VA Polytrauma Technology Program;

FALL 2010: PM&R Fellowships; Rehab volunteers in Haiti; Environmental Enrichment
SUMMER 2010: Gaming & robotics; Regenerative Rehab Research; Smart Phones
WINTER 2010: NIH Toolbox; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation; Hand/Forearm transplants

FALL 2009: IRR at UPMC Mercy; Implantable BCI Technology; Patient decision-making in MND
SUMMER 2009: Spinal Cord Repair at UPMC; Division of Neuropsychology &Rehab Psychology; Rehab Scientist Training Program

2008 to top of page
FALL/WINTER 2008: Biofeedback used in treatment for apraxia; NIH T32 Institutional National Research training grant
SUMMER 2008: Research opportunities for med students; Rules of manipulation for the physical therapist; New masters program in prosthetics and orthotics

FALL 2007: newsletter focuses on Women’s health issues; specialty care for lymphedema; Aging, health and women with disabilities
SPRING 2007: PMR opens a pediatric division; New protocol investigating electronic treatment for foot drop correction

FALL 2006: $15 million from NSF for Quality of Life Technology and Research Center
SPRING 2006: mechanical strain on intervertebral discs; growth factor and disc regeneration; Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy research

2005 and 2004 to top of page
WINTER 2005: Institute for Rehabilitation and Research launched; neural prosthetic research neuroimaging for TBI; the IBOT
FALL 2004: gender role in recovery after TBI; joystick technology improving mobility; neurotransmitters and cognition