Panther Rehab Grand Rounds
7th Annual Current Concepts in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Panther Rehab Grand Rounds

Our monthly grand rounds lecture series, is an opportunity to learn about the newest trends and outcomes in medical practice and research through lectures by leaders in rehab medicine and research.

Brad Dicianno, MD, MS

Associate Professor
Dept of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of Pittsburgh
December 21, 2016
BST3, Room 6014
7am - 8am

Self-management, Mobile Health
and Preventive Care in Disability Populations

Dr. Dicianno graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and completed residency in PM&R at UPMC.His research interests focus on developing and studying interventions targeted to improving health and wellness in individuals with complex disabilities (such as wheelchairs, mobile health, and preventative care programs).

Current Concepts in Brain Injury Rehabilitation
available until December 1, 2017

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Cardiac Arrest and Global Ischemia
Clifton Callaway, MD, PhD

Global Ischemia Associated with Anoxic Brain Injury: Neuro, Movement and Cognitive Sequelae
Gary Galang, MD

Supporting Family System Success After Brain Injury

Tana Hall, Shepherd Center

Probabilistic Matching with the National Trauma Database (NTDB) and Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems (TBIMS): Progress, Products, and Possibilities
Amy Wagner, MD and Raj Kumar, MPH

Influential Nursing Rounds: Impact on Falls in an Inpatient TBI Rehab Program
Dawn Rankin, RN, BSN, CRRN

Is There a Crystal Ball? Charting a Course of Recovery for Disorders of Consciousness
Kathryn Farris, OTR/L

Facilitating Community Re-Integration Following TBI
Jessica Kersey, OTR/L, CBIS

Assessment and Management of Oculomotor and Visual Impairments after Brain Injury – A Case Series
Darcy Bonaventura, PT, DPT, NCS held 7am-8am on the 3rd Wednesday each month.

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January 18, 2017
Robert Gaunt, PhD
Research Asst Professor
Dept. of PM&R
University of Pittsburgh