Panther Rehab Grand Rounds
3rd Annual Current Concepts in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Panther Rehab Grand Rounds

Our monthly grand rounds lecture series, is an opportunity to learn about the newest trends and outcomes in medical practice and research through lectures by leaders in rehab medicine and research.

Current Concepts in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

April 29, 2017
UPMC Mercy, Ferdinand Clark Auditorium

Welcome! We are excited to have you attend the 3rd Annual Current Concepts in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation conference at UPMC Mercy this Saturday April 29, 2017. For environmental reasons, printed copies of PowerPoint lectures and handouts will not be provided for most sessions. If you'd like to print copies, they are available in the links below.

PLEASE NOTE: Road Construction with Detours that may affect your travel. Please follow posted detour signs to enter Mercy's Parking Garage. Entrance to the parking garage via the FORBES Ave. entrance ONLY!

Life After Spinal Cord Injury: Panel Discussion
Randy Huzinec, PT • Bryan McCormick, MS, CRC • Lee Tempest, BA
Life after SCI Handout 1
Life after SCI Handout 2

Rehabilitation Narratives: Considering the patient experience
Patricia Arenth, PhD • Gretchen Ferber, MFA, MS2
Rehabilitation Narratives Handout

Transfer workshop
Joseph Everhart, DPT, NCS • Mallory Koch, MOT, OTR/L
Transfer Workshop Handout

Gait training workshop
Chris Venus, PT, NCS • Lauren Malacarne, DPT, NCS • Jodi Krause, DPT, NCS
Gait Training Handout

Seating and Wheelchair Maintenance workshop
Liz Stanley, DPT • Rachel Hibbs, DPT • Lynn Worobey, PhD, DPT, ATP
Seating and Wheelchair Maintenance Handout

ADL Retraining workshop
Briana Kelly, MOT, OTR/L • Danielle Karhut, MOT, OTR/L • Barbara Zerbee, COTA/L • Matthew Blinky MOT, OTR/L
ADL Retraining Handout
ADL Supplement 1
ADL Supplement 2

Introduction to SCI Medical Management: Bowel, Bladder, Skin, and Autonomic Dysreflexia
Amanda Harrington, MD • Christine Cleveland, MD • Lonna Perella, RN, BSN • Nancy Czolba, RN
Intro to SCI Medical Mgmt Handout

ASIA workshop: The International Standards for Classification of Spinal Cord Injury
Michael Kryger, MD
ASIA Handout

Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury
Unoma Akamagwuna, MD • Katelyn Kelly, MOT, ORT/L • Sara Profeta, DPT
Pediatric SCI Handout

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January 18, 2017
Robert Gaunt, PhD
Research Asst Professor
Dept. of PM&R
University of Pittsburgh

February 15, 2017
Stacy Suskauer, MD
Assoc. Professor, PM&R
Dir, Ctr for Brain Injury Recovery, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

March 15, 2017
Erik Hans Hoyer, MD
Assistant Professor, PM&R
Dep.Dir., Patient Safety
Johns Hopkins Hosptial